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Take a day-trip to Dangar Island and learn about this history of this unique location and the ferries themselves.

Rich in European and indigenous history, Dangar Island is a one-off environment that rewards visitors with interesting and unique experiences. As one of the few Sydney suburbs without cars, the island boasts pleasant parkland, beaches, natural bushland and spectacular views of the sparkling Hawkesbury River.

Dangar Island was home to the local Guringai people before Governor Arthur Phillip first visited the island while exploring the lower river area in March 1788. He named it Mullet Island due to the abundance of fish in the Hawksbury River. The island was later purchased and renamed by Henry Carey Dangar, in 1864.

Take a day trip to Dangar Island as featured in the Hornsby Shire Visitors Guide.

Use this map or this map for self-guided walks around the island featuring the points of interest.

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