No Current Warnings

16th April 2024

Services running to normal timetables

All service enquiries to Ferry Phone 0448101016
Office / Admin Phone is only attended during normal business hours.

Brooklyn Ferry Service is a small private ferry company operating under contract to Transport for NSW (TfNSW).
Brooklyn Ferry Service operates two beautifully restored historic vessels. that ply the river between Brooklyn, Dangar Island and Little Wobby Beach, these grand ladies have lots to tell about their history.
The ferry service provides essential public transport for the water-access properties commuters and holiday trippers in this area. The ferry runs everyday to a timetable and links where possible with trains arriving and departing from Hawkesbury River railway station.
Take a day-trip to Dangar Island and learn about this history of this unique location and the ferries themselves.

Important Information

All tickets are purchased on board the ferry, our preferred payment method is Tap and Go, unfortunately at this stage we do not accept OPAL
All pets must be contained in a cage, dogs are allowed onboard whilst on a lead and with  a muzzle, (halter straps are not sufficient), it is the responsibility of the pet owner to have their own muzzle, the ferry no longer has loan muzzles onboard 

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Office / Admin Phone